Buy THC Tincture (180mg)


Ever heard of someone using medical marijuana in the form of a “Buy THC Tincture (180mg)” delivery system? It may not be traditional, but these incredibly potent fluid formulas are quickly becoming one of the most effective and popular ways for people to get their daily cannabinoids.

Tinctures are typically a reduction of a plant – like an herb or spice – in an alcohol or oil base. Usually there some kind of heating process involved that “cooks” the essence of that plant into a concentrated liquid. Then, the tincture can be bottled, saved, or given to a patient in need.

Buy THC Tincture (180mg) can be taken under the tongue, and in some cases can be rubbed onto the skin topically to relieve pain and other issues.

A few things you should know about how tinctures work on the body:


Many new patients are unaware that cannabis can cross the “blood-brain barrier” through the mucosal membranes, such as the tongue and insides of cheeks. These parts of the body, among others, tiny blood vessels that for the most part, exposed to the elements.

By lifting your tongue and placing a few drops of medicine there, you can easily feel better without having to eat, smoke, or wait for a product to start working.

Simply holding the tincture under the tongue for 60-90 seconds allows most of the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream right away! For those who cannot smoke or stomach an edible due to their medical condition, sublingual absorption is like a modern miracle.


Unlike cannabis capsules and edibles, a tincture will begin working very quickly – the effects of the cannabinoids you’ve consumed will activate almost as fast as with inhalation.

Buy THC Tincture (180mg)-based cannabinoids do not need to pass through the digestive tract or liver in order to digested. Therefore, they eliminate some of the most common complaints about edible cannabis products: time delay and digestive irritation.

Just like with any edible product, you will want to figure out right away how many ideal doses you can get out of your container. Then, ensure that you are pulling the same amount from your dropper each time. Consistent dosing will help you find what works for you as a patient!

Trying out some specialized cannabinoid tinctures can really help you upgrade your daily medication routine. You can start getting the relief you need without having to smoke, carry a bag of candy around, or wait long periods for your medicine to kick in.

Here at Therapy Tonics we make a line of five special cannabinoid tinctures patients can utilize for almost any purpose or time of day. They made with bioavailable MCT coconut oil and only organic terpenes and flavorings. Whether you’re an indica or sativa lover, or simply looking for a balanced THC:CBD ratio, one of our amazing tinctures will do the job.


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