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Order Dank Vape here with 100% dissoluble free cannabis concentrate oil, unmatched in its strength virtue, and flavor. Dank Vape is a translucent oil, somewhere in the range of 75%-98% THC. And is actuate by our extraordinarily create procedure to make it viable in oral and trans-dermal applications. Accessible in Syringe Needle, and with every single characteristic flavor and 100% Cannabis. Dank Vape is setting the standard in restorative cannabis. All Dank Vapes fixings are source from explicit THC of medicinal evaluation cannabis and is try at OPPM for any contaminants and remaining solvents.

Anyplace and EVERYWHERE

We highly esteem making a simple to-utilize item for the best involvement for patients to cure. Order Dank Vape and connect with patients to discover an item that can be sedated tactfully in a hurry for their bustling lives. We comprehend that patients need to travel, work, and satisfy their day by day duties simply like every other person. Moist Vape is an extraordinary alternative for a wide range of patients.

Widespread and DISPOSABLE Dank Vape cartridges come refill in Special low OHM tanks for ideal attentiveness and usability. Dank-Vape cartridges are Universal for 510 strung vaporizer pens or e-cigarette batteries.

Wet Vape Cartridges are additionally expendable, so you don’t need to manage the problem of stacking and cleaning cartridges.

Order Dank Vape here whose oil is refine and clean with the most recent innovation to give you a predominant Solvent free finished result. However polluting influences are evacuat utilizing best in class logical strategies. Our offices are outfitt with a cutting edge medicinal evaluation tempered steel condition. Disinfect to protect your well being, and certification an unparalleled level of freshness.order dank vape

Dank vape utilizes a TRI-BLEND natural oil for an ideal vaping knowledge No Propylene Glycol (PG) and No Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is utilize in our procedure’s Flavors and Strains

In other words all Natural Flavors we convey: Peaches and Cream, Coconut, Strawberry Banana, Green Apple, Blueberry, Orange Cream, Cotton Candy Cantaloupe, Grape, Pineapple, Strawberry Pina Colada, Watermelon, and Pear Strain Specific Carts with 100% Cannabis Derived Terpenes we carryq Mango Kush, Pineapple Express, Purple Punch, OG Kush, Durban Poison, Lmon Berry, Blackberry Kush, GSC, Fruity Pebbles, Orange Cookies, Jet Fuel OG, Mimosa, Grape Ape, Candy Land, Chem Dawg, Lemon Slushie, Diamond OG, Grape Stomper, Mars OG, Strawberry Shortcake, King Loiue. Depending on what our nearby ranch is collecting at the time, strains may change. Order Dank Vape here fand GET HIGH!!

Weed for sale online

Buy Weed online, Weed for sale online – Best Mail Order Weed

Buy Weed online, Weed for sale online – Best Mail Order Weed

Weed for sale online

Weed for sale online advertise is worth at any rate USD $5.7 billion. Purchasing weed online is simpler than at any other time, yet numerous individuals have misinterpretations about it. The buy weed online client in USA spent around USD $1,200 a year ago. As that number ascents, the weed online suppliers showcase in USA develops like… all things considered, similar to weed:- ).

TOPWEEDSHOP has never been more accessible to general society than it is today. All things considere, there are as yet 7 misconceptions/misguid judgments that keep individuals away from purchasing pot on the web:

1. Individuals Think Buying through Weed for sale online Is Illegal

Individuals fear purchasing cannabis online in light of the fact that they accept that it’s illicit. That is reasonable. Who genuinely needs to hazard getting captured and having a criminal record?

There’s some incomplete truth to this suspicion. On the off chance that you live in a spot where pot is as yet unlawful, at that point indeed, purchasing cannabis online is likewise illicit. This implies you could deal with indictments in case you’re discovered sending, or accepting, cannabis in/from any state or area where it is as yet unlawful.

Indeed, cannabis is as yet unlawful in many nations, yet the green herb is legitimate in specific spots (Yay for )! The best part is that on the off chance that you live in USA or whatever other nation where pot is legitimate (like certain states in the US), you can buy weed on the web! So as to do this lawfully, you have to buy the weed from an authentic dispensary.

Overall Shipping

Individuals think/expect that dispensaries are dispatching out their items everywhere throughout the world. This isn’t valid. Dispensaries just ship to individuals in spots where weed has been sanctioned. On the off chance that dispensaries dispatched to unlawful states and nations, the proprietors would hazard getting captured, accused of genuine wrongdoings, and obviously, losing their Weed for sale online business.

Inhabitants of USA can appreciate getting mary jane from TOPWEEDSHOP. Best of breed dispensaries that are pioneers in their field won’t ship to occupants in areas where cannabis is as yet unlawful. They will likewise solicit theirs clients to give evidence from their identity, their age, and where they live.

Thing to keep in mind : Security

The individuals who don’t realize better expect that buying cannabis online is risky. In the event that you purchase weed online from a respectable, top quality dispensary at that point you’re sheltered. The items you’re purchasing are unadulterated, tried, and developed for quality.

In the event that you request weed online from a “cannabis business” in a spot where weed is unlawful, you’re putting your life at stake… all things considered, possibly not your life, yet it be exorbitant and humiliating. At any rate, you chance getting capture and accuse of a few unique wrongdoings for accepting the pot. The items you get may likewise contain engineer weed (avoid this stuff), or different substances that aren’t alright for your body, blend with something different, or simply extremely feeble.

Weed for sale online

Individuals have been hospitalized for overdosing on engineered maryjane and related substances so we’ll state it once more, avoid this stuff. In the event that you live in USA, avoid any risk and purchase from a USA dispensary. The dangers aren’t justified, despite any potential benefits.

4. Paying With a Card

On the off chance that you think getting weed which is on sale online is as simple as composing in your credit/plastic, reconsider. Most online dispensaries aren’t fit for tolerating card installments. Because of the high commission charges, examination from the card organizations/banks; tolerating Mastercards represents a hazard for an online dispensary.

Luckily, you can pay with money. Have that money helpful when your conveyance arrives. Numerous online pot shops are presently beginning to gather installment vai eTransfers and Interac, and a portion of these web based stores are notwithstanding beginning to acknowledge cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin through applications.

Worth The Effort

Indeed, even subsequent to perusing this, numerous individuals will in any case be asking themselves, “Is purchasing weed online worth the exertion, and is it extremely sheltered?” Yes, it’s unquestionably worth the push to arrange weed online from a trustworthy dispensary. Dispensaries have top notch items that contain THC in various measurements. Incredible dispensaries have a wide range of strains for you to browse and will readily assist you with the basic leadership process.

When Weed for sale is online, you never genuinely recognize what sort of maryjane you’re getting. You don’t have the foggiest idea how great the weed is, the place it originat from, or in the event that it weed was develop/treat with pesticides or synthetics. This could effectsly affect your wellbeing.

When you buy from an authentic, best in its group online dispensary you can be all the more certain about what you are getting and all the more beyond any doubt that the item will get delivered, and that the bundle your MoM (mail request pot) sent touches base at your entryway.

Purchasing pot ought to be as protected and fun any purchasing whatever other item whether it be through a physical, retail location or by means of the online channel. It truly merits the push to purchase cannabis online from a trustworthy, trust-commendable dispensary.

Same High?

A few people think all maryjane produces a similar high. Thus, they accept that there’s no motivation to purchase pot online from dispensaries. In fact, the sort of weed you smoke figures out what sort of high you’ll encounter.

Weed for sale online

There are three essential kinds of buy weed online: indica, sativa, and mixtures. Indica gives you a casual body high. Sativa gives you a lively head high. Half and half cannabis is a blend of both indica and sativa so the high you get will shift contingent upon which crossover strain you purchase.

Each strain of cannabis is develop for various purposes. For example, green break is useful for treating discouragement. You’ll approach distinctive strains for various purposes on the off chance that you request from a dispensary on the web. A seller on Craigslist won’t have that sort of choice.

Is it strong or not?

7. Not Strong

A few people like to think back about past times worth remembering when weed was powerful. At the point when individuals accept weed isn’t as solid as it use to be, they’re overlooking the weed world on the loose.

In all actuality the THC content in online weed has expanded throughout the years… pot is the most intense it’s at any point been! Since THC is the exacerbate that gets you high, you’re bound to get high from weed you get online from a dispensary. These days, you need less weed to accomplish a high.

Dispensaries convey weed everything being equal. You can even get weed with a high THC rate or a low THC/high CBD proportion. You’ll approach these strains on the off chance that you purchase on the web while when purchasing from the road fellow you have no clue truly what you will get… you’re simply must confide in him and trust him.

Quit Stalling and Start Toking

Individuals from Nova Scotia smoke the most Weed from sale online. Try not to give them a chance to take the wonder… begin purchasing weed online today! More than 4.9 million Canadians smoke weed for recreational and restorative purposes. Also, as mor advantages of cannabis turn out, that number keeps on becoming bigger every single day.Embrace the intensity of weed and Weed for sale online on the web. It’s the best choice you’ll ever make.

Buy THC Tincture (180mg)

Buy THC Tincture (180mg)


Ever heard of someone using medical marijuana in the form of a “Buy THC Tincture (180mg)” delivery system? It may not be traditional, but these incredibly potent fluid formulas are quickly becoming one of the most effective and popular ways for people to get their daily cannabinoids.

Tinctures are typically a reduction of a plant – like an herb or spice – in an alcohol or oil base. Usually there some kind of heating process involved that “cooks” the essence of that plant into a concentrated liquid. Then, the tincture can be bottled, saved, or given to a patient in need.

Buy THC Tincture (180mg) can be taken under the tongue, and in some cases can be rubbed onto the skin topically to relieve pain and other issues.

A few things you should know about how tinctures work on the body:


Many new patients are unaware that cannabis can cross the “blood-brain barrier” through the mucosal membranes, such as the tongue and insides of cheeks. These parts of the body, among others, tiny blood vessels that for the most part, exposed to the elements.

By lifting your tongue and placing a few drops of medicine there, you can easily feel better without having to eat, smoke, or wait for a product to start working.

Simply holding the tincture under the tongue for 60-90 seconds allows most of the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream right away! For those who cannot smoke or stomach an edible due to their medical condition, sublingual absorption is like a modern miracle.


Unlike cannabis capsules and edibles, a tincture will begin working very quickly – the effects of the cannabinoids you’ve consumed will activate almost as fast as with inhalation.

Buy THC Tincture (180mg)-based cannabinoids do not need to pass through the digestive tract or liver in order to digested. Therefore, they eliminate some of the most common complaints about edible cannabis products: time delay and digestive irritation.

Just like with any edible product, you will want to figure out right away how many ideal doses you can get out of your container. Then, ensure that you are pulling the same amount from your dropper each time. Consistent dosing will help you find what works for you as a patient!

Trying out some specialized cannabinoid tinctures can really help you upgrade your daily medication routine. You can start getting the relief you need without having to smoke, carry a bag of candy around, or wait long periods for your medicine to kick in.

Here at Therapy Tonics we make a line of five special cannabinoid tinctures patients can utilize for almost any purpose or time of day. They made with bioavailable MCT coconut oil and only organic terpenes and flavorings. Whether you’re an indica or sativa lover, or simply looking for a balanced THC:CBD ratio, one of our amazing tinctures will do the job.


Awesome Weed Hacks

Some Awesome Weed Hacks Canadians Will Kill For

Some Awesome Weed Hacks Canadians Will Kill For

Awesome Weed Hacks; As fun as smoking weed can be, every frequent stoner knows that getting high isn’t always as simple as we would like it to be. On top of all of that, although our culture’s misconceptions about marijuana have been slowly changing for the better in recent years, weed still isn’t accepted in most places — so learning how to blaze with discretion is kind of essential, too.

Fortunately, though, despite the numerous stereotypes that would suggest otherwise, stoners can be pretty dang resourceful, (especially about their bud) so there are a lot of cool weed hacks that can make your whole high experience much simpler and even more enjoyable.

If you’re a self-proclaimed marijuana enthusiast, then you already know there’s a vast wealth of weed wisdom out there to aid you with even the most ridiculous of pot-related problems. But whether you’re a weed genius, a weed novice, or somewhere in between (like myself) there are certain pot hacks that are simple enough for any smoker to take advantage of.

1. Use A Bobby Pin To Clean Ash Out Of Your Bowl & De-Clog Your Pipe

I can’t even count how many times I’ve used one of my bobby pins to clean the ash out of a bowl or de-clog a pipe or a one-hitter. It’s perfect, because if you’re anything like me, you pretty much always have a bobby pin handy. The only downside to this hack is, if you need to de-clog your actual pipe instead of just your bowl, you’ll have to straighten out (and thus ruin) your bobby pin to do it — but bobby pins are super cheap and incredibly effective at clearing passageways. So, if you’re in a bind and have bobby pins to spare, give it a shot.

2. Keep Lip Balm With Your Weed Paraphernalia

As you undoubtedly already know, weed will dry you out fast, and not having access to lip balm when that happens (especially if you’re trying to initiate a make-out session) can be pretty miserable. So consider keeping some lip balm wherever you keep all your weed stuff, and also try to remember to keep some in your handbag and/or pockets for when you’re smoking away from home. That way, when cotton mouth turns your lips to sandpaper, the sweet, soothing solution will always be within your grasp.

Personally, I’d suggest a mint-flavored lip balm because it helps with dry lips, any unfortunate smoker’s breath you might develop, and also just because you won’t find a much tastier mixture than good bud and yummy mint.

3. … And Sunglasses Too

You probably don’t need me to tell you this, but sunglasses are essential if you’ve been daytime smoking and then have to go out in public. It’s so much easier to relax and enjoy your high when you don’t have to worry about your eyes looking too red or too low. Plus, UV rays are no joke. So, consider keeping a pair of shades in your handbag at all times.

4. Suck On Candy Or Mints While You Smoke

Personally, I’d give Jolly Ranchers a try — but pretty much any kind of candy or mint will work well, too. What you’ll do is just pop the treat of your choice into your mouth while you’re prepping your bowl/bong/joint/blunt/vape, suck on it until you can really taste all it’s sweet and/or sour-y goodness, and then keep it in your cheek while you puff. It’s indescribably delicious, and it will also help you combat both cotton mouth and the munchies.Awesome Weed Hacks

5. Use A Clean Penny & A Pill Bottle As A Makeshift Grinder

Losing and/or misplacing your grinder sucks, but if you have access to a penny and any kind of pill bottle, it doesn’t have to keep you from getting lifted. Clean the penny (or whatever coin you end up using) with rubbing alcohol first, (because money is notoriously gross) then drop a nugget or two in an empty pill bottle with the clean penny, pop the bottle’s lid into place, and shake. Voila!

6. Smoke Before Meal Times

The munchies can be overpowering, but you can smoke pot without clearing your pantry or raiding your fridge, (if you consider that a bad thing). If you plan your highs around your meals, (particularly if you just wait to smoke until you’re about to eat dinner) then you should be able to avoid the over-indulging that is often associated with smoking marijuana. The food will taste even more delicious, and you’re actually likely to have a better sense of when you’re full if you eat with a spirit of high mindfulness.

7. Keep A Back-Up Stash Somewhere Safe

I’m by no means suggesting you should go all Ilana Wexler and hide weed in your body cavities. Also, running out of weed really isn’t that big of a deal unless you’re using it strictly to treat a medical condition.

That said, it’s still nice to have a back-up stash sometimes. Especially because, in true stoner fashion, you’ll probably forget about it for a good while and then happen upon it at the most opportune time. (At least, that’s how it usually works for me.) Just don’t forget to store it well (mason jars are great) and keep it somewhere your pets and young relatives won’t find it.Awesome Weed Hacks

8. Make Your Own Bong Out Of A Plastic Bottle

OK, so I’ve never actually made my own DIY bong — but this awesome lady has, and she makes it look pretty easy. Plus, you know, we should really take advantage of any opportunity to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

9. Keep Lube Handy

While weed can actually make sex more enjoyable for many women, (in many cases it even makes orgasm easier to achieve) it can also cause vaginal dryness — so it’s a good idea to keep lube handy if you’re planning to bong and bang. Personally, I love lube, and would suggest using it whether you’re having sex while drunk, high, or sober — but since “cotton vagina” is a real thing, and vaginal dryness is just the worst, you should for sure stay stocked up on lube if you and your partner like to smoke before having sex.Awesome Weed Hacks

10. Create Your Own “Chill Out” Mantra For When You’re Feeling Paranoid

Smoking weed rarely makes me feel paranoid, but I have gotten high and then freaked out super hard a couple of times — and because of those experiences, I now have a mantra to calm myself down. What I like to tell myself is this: “everything is exactly the same as it was five minutes ago — you’re just high.

11. Use A Drop Of Honey To Keep Joints From Burning Too Quickly

I’ve never tested this out myself, (mostly because I can’t roll for sh*t) but evidently, if you rub a drop of honey over the skin of a rolled joint, it helps prevent said doobie from burning too quickly. Also, it probably smells and tastes delicious.Awesome Weed Hacks

Buy weed Online

About Asking Your Uber Driver to get you Weed

Let’s say you take an Uber and you are in a city where weed is legalized, but you really need weed. The question is;(About Asking Your Uber Driver to get you Weed) Buy weed Online

Buy weed Online, Is it OK to ask my Uber driver if they can hook me up with weed if I’m in a state that hasn’t legalized it?

My best answer would be,

Order your weed online and request for discreet delivery. Don’t ask you Uber driver anything. You know, we can sell and deliver you weed.

However, let’s see what others think.

1.Steve Cooper

Go ahead and commit a felony! Get both you and the driver in legal trouble! Asking a Uber driver to do something illegal can be considered a conspiracy, which is a felony in most states. That’s a long time in Heartbreak Hotel, and consequences that will follow you the rest of your life.

Some here will say, “go ahead, no harm in asking,” but then that puts the driver in a bad spot… The driver won’t know if you’re a stoner or a cop or a thief. The fare isn’t worth the possible jail time, loss of vehicle, and legal fees. And like one response here, the Uber driver could be a cop supplementing his income… that would put you in a bad situation, no?

2. Carl Ausdenmoore

Not if you wish to show that person respect. Uber operates in states where pot is illegal and it illegal to drive high everywhere thus Uber has policies in place about drugs. Respect their assistance to you and don’t ask them.

Uber also isn’t an errand service, it’s a door to door taxi service.

3. Francis Lapyre

You do realize that Uber keeps a record of all trips, don’t you? And that the driver is free to report his/her encounter with you to the police? And that some drivers have dash-cams in the car for their own protection?

Performing a service which is not legal is not a good business model, and asking me in particular to do that will get you in deep doo-doo.

4. Simon Kunze

Sure , It’s perfectly fine to ask but be prepared for any answer. Some might be able and willing to help, others won’t have a clue or will refuse to help you – it’s their call and you should respect their stance on the matter.

But asking? Sure, go ahead! 🙂

5. Martin Dulberg

Seriously, why would you even ask such an obvious question? No.

Let me also give you a tip, you never know what your Uber driver does for a living. In my area I know of at least two state troopers who do it on the side. Not sure how kindly they would take to the question.

Buy weed Online

Welcome to California’s Online Medical Marijuana Delivery Collective! We believe that every Medical Marijuana patient should have safe, convenient access to Medicinal Cannabis Delivery online or by phone without visiting a dispensary.

Weed for Sale online

Dear Resellers, Here Are Top Selling Weed Strains in the UK

Smoking Weed USA

Will Trump Support the Smoking of Weed ?

Smoking Weed USA

One of the only things we knew for certain about the North American weed industry prior to November last year was that regardless of the result of the vote, it was going to be big. Not just big, but spectacularly lucrative. There was no way of telling precisely how big it was likely to be, given the fact that it wasn’t entirely clear which way the nine states taking cannabis to the ballot box would vote.Smoking Weed USA

Of course, we now know that the result of said vote turned out to be nothing short of outstanding for the cannabis community – all nine states having voted to legalise either recreational or medical cannabis. Which in turn meant that as far as economists and analysts were concerned, there was suddenly a lot more information to work with in terms of overall industry values.

Weed for sale usa

2016 may have been an important and prosperous year for legal cannabis in the US, but experts believe we really haven’t seen the even the start of things to come. Last year, total cannabis revenues came in somewhere in the region of $5.7 billion, which in turn meant a total tax bill of approximately $1 billion. Not bad, considering how things were and are only just getting off the ground. Over the next five years however, analysts working with ArcView Research believe that we will see explosive growth across the entire cannabis industry, resulting in the total tally for 2021 coming out in excess of $21 billion.


Grandaddy Purple
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Grandaddy Purple (Indica)
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Black Hash
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Black Hash

And they’re not the only ones who see things accelerating wildly over the years to come. Quite to the contrary, what with a recent paper published by 10 Cowen & Co. suggesting that when the year 2026 rolls around, the legal cannabis industry in the US could be worth more than $50 billion. If so, this would make the legal cannabis industry perhaps the single fastest-growing new industry ever to have emerged in the United States, in terms of its overall value and tax contributions.

Needless to say therefore, it’s a pretty positive picture that seems to suggest wide reaching and growing benefits for an economy which, let’s face it, is always in need of a boost. Or at least, that would be the case – were it not for a rather large and tenacious onion in the proverbial ointment residing in the Oval Office right now.

Disconcertingly Vague

At the past few years, Donald Trump hasn’t given the weed community, in general, a great deal to go on, when it comes to both his personal opinions on cannabis and how he intends to tackle the issue. Every time he seems to have indicated worryingly conservative views, he has gone on to state that it’s an issue that can and should be controlled by each state individually. Which would seem to suggest that for the most part, there’s not a great deal to worry about.

Grandaddy Purple
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Grandaddy Purple (Indica)
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Black Hash

Which would have been true, if it wasn’t for the fact that Jeff Sessions was recently confirmed as the new US Atty. General. Now, no doubt you’ve already come across more than a few examples of Sessions’ completely OTT and dangerous comments regarding cannabis. Whether it’s executing cannabis dealers, insisting that no “good people” in America smoke cannabis and famously stating that the KKK would be just fine if they didn’t smoke pot, he’s not exactly earned a reputation as a friend of the cannabis community. And given the fact that he has his finger on the big-red Federal law button, it’s all a little bit scary.

Marijuana for sale

More recently, he was questioned directly on these exact statements and his views on cannabis legislation in general. Rather than backtracking, clarifying his stance or giving any indication whatsoever as to how he intends to proceed, he simply confirmed that he is not “ruling out” the enforcement of Federal law.  Which is, suffice to say, what the cannabis community for the most part sees as a real doomsday scenario.

The only question now being – will he actually have the audacity to go through with it?

That’s something only time will tell, but given the incredibly controversial action taken so far by the Trump Administration in various areas, it’s far from beyond the realms of possibility.

A Select Few Outcomes

The thing is though, while the cannabis community in general remains well and truly rattled, confused and unable to even guess what’s going to happen, realistically speaking there are only a few ways things could go. Or more accurately, a total of five possible outcomes in terms of how Trump, Sessions and Co. could decide to handle cannabis. Of which some are of course fundamentally more terrifying than others, but when looking at things from a logical standpoint, it also seems relatively clear which are the most probable.

That is of course, assuming that logic is something that comes into the equation!

So when the dust has settled following Trump’s turbulent arrival and the cannabis issue is brought to the table, what are the scenarios we could well be looking at?

Scenario 1 – Game Over

It goes without saying that the worst possible case scenario would be that of Sessions deciding that the time has come to declare war on cannabis and choosing to fire the first salvo. The scary thing being that as cannabis still remains entirely illegal at a Federal level – both recreational and medical cannabis alike – every single person across the US using, buying, selling or working with the stuff in any way is technically breaking the law. Which in turn means that if Federal law was to be enforced, millions could face criminal charges. To enforce Federal law would see the entire industry annihilated, leading not only to ruin for tens of thousands of currently-legitimate business owners but untold misery and agony for millions of medical cannabis users. It’s a far-fetched idea to any sane person, but it’s certainly not out of the question.

Grape Kush
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Grape Kush
Grandaddy Purple
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Grandaddy Purple (Indica)
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Purple Moon rocks

Scenario 2 – Goodbye Recreational

One considerably more plausible scenario than outright war on cannabis as a whole is that of the newly installed government instead aiming their arsenal square early and exclusively at recreational cannabis. For one thing, the recreational cannabis industry is currently in its infancy. For another, deciding to abolish recreational cannabis would mean that medical cannabis users would still be able to gain access to the essential treatment they need. This is a move the government could see as ‘nipping the problem in the bud’ and would probably gain a lot of support nationwide. After all, the overwhelming majority of US citizens may support medical marijuana – recreational cannabis continues to divide the public fairly equally down the middle.

Scenario 3 – Progress Halted

Something else the government could decide to do, albeit an incredibly complicated and difficult option, would be to ensure that the current spread of the industry is halted in its tracks. Or to put it another way, business as usual can continue in states where cannabis has been legalised, but no new states will be allowed to join the party. Of course, it would probably be impossible to bring into effect any actual law with these kinds of unbalanced stipulations. But at the same time, Sessions and Co. could make it so incredibly difficult for any new states to get involved that it would be largely impossible for them to do so.  Given the complexity of the issue, this seems like a highly improbable outcome.

Scenario 4 – Trump’s Total Support

Highly unlikely for the time being but certainly a plausible prospect for the future, it’s worth remembering that Donald Trump is a businessman. Not only this, but a spectacularly capable businessman and the president that has promised to pump billions back in the US every year, create jobs, support good causes and so on. As such, to walk away from an industry that promises more than $10 billion in tax revenues every year would seem to be a ridiculous and unthinkable move. Moreover, should Trump decide to pledge his support to the US cannabis industry, he could make history by de-scheduling pot at a Federal level. And if he does, the growth we’re likely to see over the coming years could be nothing short of mind-blowing.

Scenario 5 – The Passive Approach

Last but not least, the single most probable outcome of all is that of Trump and Co. deciding not to do anything at all. Or more specifically, leaving the cannabis community as they are right now and allowing each individual state to come up with and enforce its own cannabis policy. All of which makes sense for two very good reasons – the first of which being that the current system is both working well and has the support of the public. Secondly, there’s the way in which Trump has way bigger fish to fry than the cannabis issue and leaving things as they are would allow him to effectively escape criticism on either side of the fence. Cannabis critics would salute him for not touching Federal law, while the pro-cannabis community would breathe the biggest collective sigh of relief in its history.

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Still, there are some who remain optimistic enough to actually welcome Sessions’ appointment. One of which being National Cannabis Industry Association executive director Aaron Smith, as quoted by Seed Supreme:

Also , “We look forward to Attorney General Sessions maintaining the current federal policy of respect for legal, regulated cannabis programs in the states, and we will work with him to do that,” said Smith.

More so , “State-legal cannabis businesses generate billions of dollars in economic activity and support tens of thousands of good-paying jobs. The projected value of the legal cannabis industry in the U.S. for 2016 is $6.7 billion, and that market value is expected to grow to $21.8 billion by 2020.”

Smoking Weed

A Beginner’s Guide to Smoking Weed, to Mastery.

Smoking Weed

Smoking Weed; The legalization of weed to many states in the US is great news for many Americans. It really benefited all those who would use marijuana for medical purposes and even those who don’t.

Getting Started on Weed

Indica VS Sativa – There are two kinds of marijuana – Indica and Sativa. For Indica, this particular variety is the one that makes the user sleepy. It is good for anyone who wants to relieve pain, anxiety, sleeplessness and experience a body high. Sativa, on the other hand, is good for anyone who wants to b e more upbeat, anyone who wants to experience cerebral high or anyone who wants to become artistic. This type of marijuana increases your imaginative capability and makes you sleepless especially when you smoke it before bedtime.

Know the Different Terms for Weed

Just like anything else, people have different ways of referring to marijuana based on their culture. Your peers may say it at one point and you eventually have no idea what they’re talking about. So get to know some terms that stoners use to refer to marijuana:
  • Mary Jane
  • Grass
  • Spliffo
  • Bannaner
  • SHIT
  • Will-Leaves Nelson
  • Weed
  • Texazz Pee
  • Funny Oregano
  • Joke Smoke
  • Barack O’Blamma
All of these names may seem unlikely and weird but it’s a stoner’s world out there.

Just Say NO to Blunts

The new generation of users made the tobacco leaf rolling papers for marijuana delivery very popular. This type of delivery can kill the taste of myriad delicious strains and can even cause the user to have addiction towards the nicotine.

Know Your Equipment

As you may know, there are several ways to deliver marijuana. One example is through the use of vaporizers which can be good for eliminating the smoke’s funky smell especially if you don’t want anyone around you to notice that you’re smoking joint. The high that a smoker usually experiences in vape is not that intense and won’t last that long. A bong on the other hand is considered to be a bit disgusting and it filters the most noxious elements of combustion.

Ways of Consuming Marijuana (Smoking Weed)

Smoking Marijuana is the most traditional way of consumption but for the modern day people, it can be consumed in so many different ways. Here are a few examples of how people smoke their Marijuana:
  • Joint – This weed consumption is rolled inside a paper that is similar to a cigarette.
  • Pipe – The weed is usually placed in the pipe and the smoke is much stronger than the joint.
  • Brownies – If you are not into smoking then brownies are the most enjoyable way of consuming marijuana.
  • Bongs – This large pipe will require you to ingest all the smoke in a single inhalation so it may not be appropriate for first timers.

Giggling Man is an Oxymoron

If it is your first time smoking, then you are free to giggle all you want. This is normal since the primary effect of weed will enhance your sense of enjoyment for all the things around you. You must be strong enough to overcome the giggles and munchies. Just concentrate your mind to the new perceptions that marijuana has provided you instead.


If you feel paranoid when using marijuana, it’s because the substance gives you a different perspective of yourself. It gives you a view wherein it is the opposite of normal and provides you with a glimpse of something which you might not have done before. This is something that can be a bit difficult to endure for first timers since they are mostly expecting to have a high feeling rather than the opposite. Just know that it is a normal thing to happen even for those who have been smoking weed for quite some time.

Now that you know what to expect for your first time using marijuana, make sure to always be responsible of your actions. If possible, don’t smoke it daily but for medical reasons only.

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You Can Buy and Use Weed In Canada Legally, Soon.

buy weed online You Can Buy and Use Weed In Canada Legally, Soon.

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Last year, the Canadian government announced that they will legalize weed in Canada. Last week, the Canadian government, under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, unveiled its plans to do so.

The Cannabis Act is an act that was introduced to Canadian Parliament in 2017 that would legalize weed in Canada. It is a milestone in the legal history of cannabis in Canada, alongside the 1923 prohibition.
Should the Cannabis Act pass in Canadian Parliament, this country would become the second nation in the world, after Uruguay, to regulate a legal marijuana market.  While this feels like a long time coming, as it was one of Trudeau’s biggest endorsements while he was campaigning for office, it is definitely exciting to see it begin to come to fruition.

According to CNN

There are several items of interest under the Cannabis Act, but some of the most outstanding and general items include

  • The government in Canada would be the authority on regulation and would create a system to regulate marijuana production, distribution, and sales and would collect licensing fees and taxes from sales
  • Producing or distributing marijuana outside the government regulation would be considered serious offenses by the government
  • Adults (ages 21 and up) would be able to have up to 30 grams of legal marijuana in public and can also purchase marijuana from licensed retail outlets
  • Adults will be permitted to grow up to four marijuana plants per household
  • New legal offenses would be added that would prohibit people from driving while they’re impaired by marijuana and other drugs; law enforcement is expected to use saliva tests for checking drivers
  • Marijuana cannot be brought over the border under any circumstance; this law is specific to the country of Canada

Real Marijuana Weed Blog is looking forward to having our Northern neighbor be one of the countries to pioneer this space in cannabis policy reform and hopes to see the U.S. soon follow in their footsteps.

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United Airlines CEO Needs Weed

United Airlines CEO Needs Weed Advice From Barack Obama

United Airlines CEO needs weed advice for better speech making after the scenario where the United Airlines Security beat an old doctor while deplaning him.

United Airlines CEO Needs Weed, United Airlines is a mess right now. WOW! Who Does that? Okay. I won’t say the CEO of the company is the one who dragged the old man out of the plane. But, Jeez! Did you listen to his speech?

First, let’s get you up to speed if you don’t know what happened. Just watch this video.


After watching, perhaps I think I still need to give you a recap of the story.

When United Airlines oversold flight 3411 by four seats, the crew offered $800 to passengers to reschedule.

Nobody moved.

United needed to put four crew members on the plane, so they randomly chose four passengers and commanded them to de-plane.

One was Dr. David Dao. He refused to move, insisting he had patients to see the next morning. So they called security.

Security guards literally DRAGGED him out of his seat and off the plane. Horrified passengers caught the incident on video. You can see blood oozing from Dr. Dao’s mouth.

Nothing goes viral like a big corporation dragging a bleeding 67 year old doctor down the aisle of an airplane!

The USA Today Headline said:

United Airlines CEO doubles down, says employees followed procedures, flier was ‘belligerent’

I quote:

“This situation was unfortunately compounded when one of the passengers we politely asked to deplane refused and it became necessary to contact Chicago Aviation Security Officers to help,” the letter says. “While I deeply regret this situation arose, I also emphatically stand behind all of you, and I want to commend you for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right.”

“This is an upsetting event to all of us here at United. I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers.”

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a BAD APOLOGY?

This has to be the worst apology I’ve heard in years. I predict United CEO Oscar Munoz’ head will roll over this.

This is a STELLAR example of being technically right about a bureaucratic policy, but having an emotional IQ of minus 12.

There’s something very very important we all need to glean from his awful apology.

Okay. Looking around the world today, we see leaders making horrible speeches. They are causing more pain with their words or lack of it thereof, destroying the faith their voters or Board of Directors have on them. Just have a look at the speeches of Donald Trump and you will see that this needs fixing.

On the other hand, President Barack Obama made really good speeches. We might want to consider that this guy has some really dark lips. He has been a gentle Weed consumer before and during his presidency and when it comes to using the game of words to getting the country together, his art was spotless.

What strains did President Obama take? How did he manage his dosage? What else did he do to make sure that he was ready for his speeches and delivered them with a bang?

Okay. Let’s get our guy Barack here and bring out his game of words after taking his weed. Perhaps President Obama could have made a speech like this:

“I was as horrified as all Americans everywhere when I witnessed a 67 year old doctor being dragged from one of our airplanes.

“As CEO of United, I take full responsibility for this. It is utterly against our values for any passenger to be treated that way. I have personally called this man and apologized and asked if he will meet with me and our board members privately, so that all of us can express our sorrow over this incident.

“For a very complex set of reasons, the airline had no choice but to ask four passengers to de-plane. In this particular situation, none of the passengers were willing to re-route. We have never encountered that exact situation. Our policy manual did not provide an appropriate set of actions for our crew.

“Had this passenger been carrying weapons or behaving inappropriately, then the use of force would have been entirely appropriate. But it was not appropriate for this 67 year old doctor. So we will be revamping our procedures. We will also closely examine the systems that led to this flight being overbooked in the first place.

I apologize to our employees, our passengers, our Club members, and all airline patrons everywhere. We will make sure this never happens again.”

You see?

Better, right?

Let’s get this straight. The Only way to forgive is a good apology.

One of the things they never teach you in business school, or PR school, is how to issue a sincere and meaningful apology.


And if you can’t apologize properly, you’ll never be forgiven properly.

This incident dinged United’s stock price and gave them a black eye in front of millions of people.

From now on, every time United overbooks a flight and has to ask passengers to re-route, this story will be murmured throughout the entire plane. This incident cost the company somewhere between $10 million and $100 million.

Everybody knows that regardless of any policy or situation, no passenger who bought a ticket and who was promised a seat should be violently dragged from their seat.

And yes, somebody is guilty.

Swallow your pride, Mr. CEO (ALL of us are guilty at times, are we not?) and admit your guilt.

I promise you, everything will go FAR better afterwards, especially after you take some weed, or some weed advice from the speech artisists of your time like President Barack Obama.