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Dankwoods were created to quicken the process of smoking backwoods for even the most experienced roller. So throw your Swishers in the trash. The product is produce from an all natural Meduro backwood leaf wrap around 2 grams of all organic fire bud , with a quarter gram of concentrate made from nugs, rolled in kief with a custom made reusable quartz filter. Also , Everything grow in Los Angeles using only the finest materials. Dankwoods

More so , Dankwoods Flavors available are  :

  • White walker
  • Skywalker Og
  • Gelato
  • Sunset sherbet
  • Sfv Og
  • Sour deisel Dankwoods
  • Clementine
  • Ghost Og
  • Tahoe Og
  • Banana Og
  • Girlscout cookies

Fill in the dankwood strain names you need in notes on final checkout form.

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15 units, 30 units, 100 units

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White walker, Skywalker Og, Gelato, Sunset sherbet, Sfv Og, Sour deisel, Clementine, Ghost Og, Tahoe Og, Banana Og, Girlscout cookies


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