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Heavy Hitters Vape Cartridge

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Heavy Hitters 1G Vape Cartridge



Heavy Hitters

The Original high-strength vape cartridge, Heavy Hitters flaunts the greatest hits and generally exactly as expected taste. Substantial Hitters’ mark Cold-Filtering sanitizes the oil past standard refining . Bringing about a steady, ultra-powerful cannabis oil, and the most perfect, best-tasting experience. Genuine Ceramic cartridges have an earthenware center, and are covered in artistic to guarantee an even warmth for predictable hits and less consumed taste. Bearing the Clean Cannabis Guarantee seal, Heavy Hitters gladly meets or surpasses all California principles for cannabis greatness and wellbeing.

What is True Ceramic?

Genuine Ceramic is a cartridge innovation that yields none of the unsafe wick segments of standard cartridges . Rather depending on excellent fired all through the warming component to guarantee no destructive results, and an even portion.

What is Cold Filtering?

More so , Overwhelming Hitters’ exclusive Cold Filtering innovation purges the oil past standard refining, bringing about a reliable, ultra-powerful cannabis oil, and a superior encounter for the client.

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INDICA, Yoda OG cartridge, Wedding Cake cartridge, Tropical cartridge, Mars OG cartridge, Kosher Kush cartridge, Forbidden Fruit cartridge, Do Si Do cartridge, SATIVA, Apple Fritter, Durban Poison, Pineapple Express, Strawnana, HYBRID, Gelato, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies, Grape Pie, Sundae Driver, Banana Punch, Ice Cream Cake, GMO Cookies, Tangie Biscotti, White Nectarine, Cereal Milk, Venom OG, Chemdawg, Lemonchello #10


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