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  • 4 grams per can
  • THC 23.82%
  • CBD 0.02%



buy Julius Caesar online. A high THC content makes this strain ideal for complete  (although sometimes brief) stress and anxiety relief.

  • 4 grams per can
  • THC 23.82%
  • CBD 0.02%
  •        The Julius Caesar marijuana strain has a very tropical taste and smell.  With small undertones of earthy scents as well.
    • While it does smell good, the scent is not overpowering . You’ll be able to carry the Julius Caesar marijuana strain   with you without worrying that you smell like an entire farm.
    • Moreso,  with a spattering of orange hairs throughout a dense green bud sprinkled with trichomes . The Julius Caesar strain is sure to catch your eye as well as your nose.
    • And lastly, the bud absolutely glistens in the sunlight . It will definitely look even better once it’s packed in to your favorite smoking Julius Caesar online.
    •     Patients that suffer from migraines, anorexia, arthritis, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD can benefit from the effects of the Julius Caesar marijuana strain.
    • As said above, the THC content of the strain is high . It provides a great pain relieving benefits as well as helping with sleeping and eating.


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